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Our Expertise

By leveraging our global platforms, our investment spans a broad range of geographies and industries. We target investments globally with a particular focus in Asia, and seek to maximize growth and actively create value for our client portfolio. Our expertise focuses in the following areas:

  • Currency
    Arbitrage Trades

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  • Multi-managers
    Trading Strategies

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  • Real Estate Projects

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  • Infrastructure Projects

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Currency Arbitrage Trades

Currency arbitrage is to lock-in certain profits by buying and selling instruments of the same underlying currency under inefficient market pricing circumstances. Arbitrage targets vest on the major currencies with high liquidity in the market, such as EUR, YEN, GBP, CHF, etc. in order to reduce liquidity risk.

Our primary focus is to monitor currency arbitrage opportunities in different regions all over the world, and to capture short-term trading profits opportunistically. Sophisticated computer programs are deployed to monitor potential opportunities worldwide, and select trades with the best risk/reward characteristics. Portfolio returns are further enhanced by our optimal portfolio construction techniques and robust risk management system.

Multi-managers Trading Strategies

Through the multi-managers trading approach, the performance and risk exposure of each selected investment manager will be closely monitored to ensure the return targets are met. Managers are selected based on their proven track records, investment styles, strategies and risk appetite in view of the aim to create a diversified portfolio investment.

In particular, our multiple arbitrage strategy can provide more opportunities to capture profitable price differences in various financial products to optimize investment and capital efficiency. Through an uncorrelated and low volatility approach to the international securities market, this strategy can generate consistent risk-adjusted return in all market cycles.


To harness the competitive advantages offered by different managers and avoid over-exposure to any particular style of investing, a sophisticated trading program is employed to optimize investments in diverse trading strategies, thereby extending the range of profit opportunities and the potential to generate profits and preserve capital in a wide variety of market conditions. We will monitor and maintain regular communication with the selected managers and capitalize on new opportunities as they develop.

Real Estate Projects

Real Estate investments seek to provide high current income and long-term capital appreciation to our clients. We primarily invest in the property development projects in Asian Pacific region.

By selecting a portfolio of land and property investments targeting high rental yielding long-term projects, we concentrates on hotel, villa, resorts, commercial & residential property, shopping mall and gaming & entertainment industry-linked developments.

We invest in a portfolio of land the property-linked development or redevelopment projects as well as REITS in Asian markets. The steady rental yield and capital appreciation provides high income stream to investors.

Infrastructure Projects

Benefited by the economic growth and urbanization in Emerging Asian countries, we seeks to strategically invest in infrastructures projects, with a specific focus on the Energy, Utilities and Transportation sectors.

We target infrastructure projects with long years of sole operating rights authorized by governments or infrastructure’s projected loan released from financial institutions with right of recourse or recallable option.

Infrastructure investments have low correlation with traditional asset classes, which offer an alternative choice and provide an outstanding return to investors.

By combining our investment expertise, rich resources, years of experience, extensive network and local knowledge, we are able to accelerate the growth and create value to our client portfolio successfully.