Great News: CCAM Co. Ltd being awarded "Best Hedge Fund Manager 2020 – Cayman Island"


Privacy Policy

City Credit Asset Management Co. Ltd ("CCAM") wants to provide the best service possible to CCAM's clients.

One way that CCAM does this is by using client information to provide CCAM's clients with convenient access to the right products and services. CCAM also recognizes that CCAM's clients have important expectations regarding the use of that information.

Safeguarding client information is a matter that CCAM takes seriously. That is why CCAM has set forth the following principles to affirm CCAM's long-standing commitment to confidentiality:

From time to time, it is necessary for clients who are individuals to supply CCAM with data which are personal data ("Data"). The purposes for which Data (and other information) relating to clients may be used are as follows:

  • the daily operation of the services and facilities provided to clients;
  • conducting credit checks;
  • assisting other institutions to conduct credit checks;
  • ensuring clients' ongoing credit worthiness;
  • designing financial services or related products for clients' use;
  • marketing financial services or related products to clients;
  • determining the amount of indebtedness owed to or by clients;
  • meeting the requirements to make disclosure under the requirements of any law or regulations; and
  • any purposes relating to any of the foregoing.

CCAM may, in accordance with any applicable law:

  • match, compare or exchange any Data or other information provided by, or in respect of, a client with Data (or other information) held by CCAM or any other person for the purpose of:
    • credit checking;
    • Data (and other information) verification; and
    • otherwise producing or verifying Data (and other information) which may be used for the purpose of taking adverse action against the client or any other person at any time.
  • transfer such Data (and other information) to any place for the processing, holding or use of such Data (and other information);
  • charge a reasonable fee for the processing of any Data access request.

At CCAM, information regarding CCAM's clients is used solely in the legitimate conduct of CCAM's business, to deliver superior service and to design products and special offers that demonstrate CCAM's understanding of clients and client's needs.

As CCAM moves forward in developing new products and services in an era of vast technological change, CCAM will continue to maintain CCAM's dedication to assuring that client information is properly used and appropriately safeguarded.

Requests for access to data or correction of data or for information regarding policies and practices and kinds of data held should be addressed to CCAM.